Video Is The Future!

Just about everyone on the planet now has access to video content in one form or another, either via a computer, smart-phone, tablet or TV etc. Our appetite for online video content has increased to a scale unmatched by any new form of deliverable media over the last century. Not even the boom following the introduction of the TV comes close to this decade’s launch of sharable video content online.

This explosion of technology now allows people with next to no budget to produce videos and publish them. Even 12 years old with YouTube channels are finding success playing games online and recording on their smart-phone, even though the sound quality and image resolution may not be the best.

So as a business in whatever niche you trade, you really need to be in a position where you can take advantage of these ever-growing marketing opportunities, either through direct paid advertisement or through delivery of your own video content.

SEO? What’s that?!

So, a popular term thrown around by industry professionals is SEO – but what does it mean and how can your produced video content or advertisement gain access to this secret formula?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In laymen’s terms, this means writing your post or correctly tagging your video/advertisement in a way that will hit specific keywords to position your content in the areas you are targeting.

For example, if I was selling mobile phones (cell phones), I wouldn’t use tags related to Football or speak directly about something other than what I’m trying to target in my search-engine, right?

TubeSync has a built in customised SEO Algorithm tool used during editing existing videos and or uploading new videos to simplify this very thing and get you were you need to go.

Application Is Key!

So now that you have a good idea of the advantages of search engine optimization, let’s discuss applications for both video upload and advertisement online.

To make sure you reach your audience you may become trigger happy and apply every available keyword at your disposal to your video/advertisement. But no matter how tempting this may seem – DON’T.

To increase your chances of success, we suggest you follow this formula:

  1. Choose 6 tags
  2. Ensure 2 of tags you use are also used in the title
  3. Ensure you repeat those 6 tags, 2 or3 times naturally in your descriptive paragraph

That’s it! – By subtly adding the keywords to your description and title, you are more likely to target your chosen niche audience.

This formula can also apply to advertisement across different platforms too! In fact, we developed a keyword export tool specifically for video advertisement within TubeSync. You will find it located here – Apps-Section > Our Apps > Keyword Tool.


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